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homes in Maricopa inspections

A good inspector is going to give you a complete check-up on your current or future home.

From the driveway to the roof.

We get questions all the time about what areas are we checking and what are we looking for.

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roof inspections

Your home’s umbrella. The top of the envelope. The main protector from the elements.

There are many places in your home that people forget about just because they're doing their job. Your roof is one of the main ones. Also, it is one of the most expensive to repair.

This is truly why regular inspections and maintenance, preventative and as necessary, can prevent unwanted and costly repairs.

There are many components to your roof system. Most of which you cannot see.

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homes in Maricopa inspections

The exterior of your home. This is another part of the envelope that is your home's covering. It is basically the coverings that keep out all of the outside things that you don't want to come in.  The exterior cladding ( house coverings ), windows, eaves, and exterior doors are some of the main components listed in the exteriors.

The basic types of cladding in our area are the ever-popular stucco, masonry like brick or block materials, and standard siding.

All of these types are prone to general cracking and should be sealed regularly. You will see this commonly come up on the report as anything over a 16th of an inch should be sealed to prevent premature weathering.

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attic inspections

This is where the roofing structure components, some appliances, piping, and electrical wiring along with your insulation hang out.

If there ever was a part of a home that most people forget about until there's a "known " issue, the attic is it.

This is where we get a good look at the roof structure (from underneath) along with other building components. Typically there's not much wrong in this area unless it's related to moisture intrusion or defective framing. Whether it consists of conventional framing or the new or engineered style, the area should definitely still be inspected regularly to prevent those unforeseen issues from becoming larger problems.

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AC Inspection maricopaThe HVAC System. What is it?  Your AC & Heating. Can we ever say enough about this wonderful luxury in our area?  Did you know that there is no such thing as cold? Well, if you get down to over -450°F that's when they consider cold a thing. There is actually a lack of heat and that's what these things are doing.

They are removing the heat from your home and putting it somewhere else. That's how they condition your house. They use the refrigerant and system to absorb the interior heat and collect the moisture in the air and move both of these to the exterior of the home, resulting in the comfortable feeling of AC.

So what are we looking for with your AC/Heater?

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breaker boxThe Electrical System is the heartbeat of your home.

We will take a look at all the different components of our electrical system. From the breakers, to the wiring, service type, GFCI , grounding, etc.

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plumbingYour plumbing system is one of the most important components in your home. So let's cover some of the basic topics that may come up on your inspection report.

The areas we check out are the water heater, look for leaks, drainage issues, pipes, corrosion, water pressure, support, and water softener, just to name a few. To view what we are looking for...

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The garage is where your car lives or your storage or possibly even an upgraded living space. Most of the components of your garage are covered in other sections of our emails like structure and interiors as they are typically connected or of the same construction. So, if you see cracks in the garage floor, this is typically part of the home's foundation. But we will cover some of the basics for the type and style of garages in our local area.

Let's start with Fire Protection and Keeping your family safe.

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