Your Attic

attic inspections


This is where the roofing structure components, some appliances, piping, and electrical wiring along with your insulation hang out.


If there ever was a part of a home that most people forget about until there's a "known " issue, the attic is it.


This is where we get a good look at the roof structure (from underneath) along with other building components. Typically there's not much wrong in this area unless it's related to moisture intrusion or defective framing. Whether it consists of conventional framing or the new or engineered style, the area should definitely still be inspected regularly to prevent those unforeseen issues from becoming larger problems.


Along with plumbing lines and electrical, your HVAC air handler and furnace are typically in the attic as well. This isn't normally an issue for people unless it quits working but they do forget about the condensate removal pan. This is what helps remove the water from the unit if the primary drain becomes clogged. These need to be checked to help prevent those ceiling leaks.


You have insulation up here too. It's a really important one for the homeowner (especially depending on what part of the country you live in). And just because it's up there doesn't mean it keeps doing its job. Over time, your insulation settles, especially with the venting methods, it gets compacted with dust as well and even gets missed at the time of installation more often than you think. If you want to keep your utility bills low and prolong the life of your equipment it's always important to either add or upgrade insulation over time.


Did you know that with conventional framing it was OK to put storage in the attic, but with engineered homes, it is not allowed? Even when you see the garage ceiling shelves that actually can void the structural warranty and cause damage over time. Depending on the inspector and their knowledge, these are good items to remove prior to listing if you don't want to have a possible issue requiring an engineer stamp.


Thanks, everybody for reading, and Halo Inspections will be glad to check out your attic to make sure there are no surprises.


Thank you so much for your time and look forward to helping you keep your house happy and healthy.