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The HVAC System. What is it?  Your AC & Heating. Can we ever say enough about this wonderful luxury in our area?  Did you know that there is no such thing as cold? Well, if you get down to over -450°F that's when they consider cold a thing. There is actually a lack of heat and that's what these things are doing.


They are removing the heat from your home and putting it somewhere else. That's how they condition your house. They use the refrigerant and system to absorb the interior heat and collect the moisture in the air and move both of these to the exterior of the home, resulting in the comfortable feeling of AC.


So what are we looking for with your AC/Heater?


You have the exterior portion on the side of your home typically. This is where the heat is actually being removed with the assistance of the coils and exterior fan. We want to make sure this area is kept free of debris so that proper airflow can work its magic. Dirty and restricted coils along with noisy motors typically are restricting airflow, causing higher utility bills.


The refrigerant lines on the exterior, which are typically seen, always should be kept insulated as this can affect the temperature of the inside of the home. If there's a break in the insulation on the interior is gonna allow for leakage and cause damage to the building materials.


The ever important, condensation removal components. These are the two PVC drain lines you see coming out the side of your house where one is low and the other is high. The lower one is the primary where you should expect to see moisture coming out. The higher-up one is the secondary catch pan. If you see water here, you need to call somebody. That means the catch pan is doing its job, but the next place is leaking into your ceiling and can cause damage.


These catch pans do get utilized at certain times throughout the year when there's heavy moisture in the air. And we constantly find debris and dust buildup in these that when it gets wet, it clogs the drain line and that's where you get your Uh Oh.


The air handler and furnace portion typically have the least issues. They kind of just sit there and do their thing until the fan motor goes out but most of these components are built like tanks and last a long time if they were installed right. You do want to check that if you have it serviced, are there any safety switches are operational and not taped down. We find this all the time and will require proper repairs.


Last but not least don't forget those air filters. They are ever so important to your system that needs to be changed regularly. Even if you buy a 90-day filter, you should never leave it in more than 60 days. It is much cheaper to replace it monthly than it is to have to repair the components this affects. Many of our newer homes now have a fresh air filter located either underneath the main filter or in a separate location. These get forgotten about all the time and become very clogged. These are where the newer systems are bringing what they consider fresh air from the exterior and mixing it with the home.


Thanks, everybody for reading, and Halo Inspections will be glad to check out your AC/HEATER to make sure there are no surprises.


Thank you so much for your time and look forward to helping you keep your house happy and healthy.