Meet the Team

Hi! We are Poe & Brandy.

We are a multi-generation family-owned inspection company. Our experience comes from over 60 years of custom home building and nearly 20 years of taking care of families in Arizona alone. This helps us to inform you without startling you about what is going on with the house and why it could be happening. 

Our mission is serving God, Family and You with integrity. This is why we inspect your home like it was our home every time.

Our team is dedicated to continued education, as the industry constantly changes and we can stay relevant for you.

We strive to educate homeowners and buyers on the good, bad, and ugly for their homes.

Our company prides itself in taking pressure off you in understanding all about this major purchase. Just like regular doctor's visits a house needs a healthy home checkup too.


Poe & Brandy

Owners of Halo Inspections