Home Inspections

Buying a New Home? You Need an Inspection to ensure that your new home is in an acceptable condition. We help find the good, the bad and the ugly

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Home Check Up

Selling Your Home? Get a home inspection prior to selling and get a head start on the items that might hold up or derail your sale

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Commercial Inspections

If you are purchasing or selling a new build or other building, we can take a look and let you know the condition the building is in.

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Home & Commercial Inspections - Valley Wide, AZ

Family Owned & Trusted

If you are needing an inspection of your home or business, then Halo Inspections is there for you. We check from the driveway to the roof.

When do you need an inspection?

  • When you purchase a new home
  • Prior to selling your home
  • Just to investigate any possible issues with current home
  • When purchasing a commercial business

Why Use Halo Inspections?

Here at Halo Inspections, we want to make sure you go into your purchase with your eyes open to the needs the home might have.

Halo Inspections Maricopa
Halo Inspections Maricopa
Halo home inspections pricing

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Looking for a Quote? Just email us at haloinspectionsaz@gmail.com and let us know what you are looking for